As Gross Mendelsohn’s controller, Pat Smerdzinski oversees the firm’s internal accounting department, which handles payroll, accounts payable and accounts receivable.

Pat works closely with the firm’s management team to monitor the firm’s finances. Pat also handles billing inquiries from clients, prepares the firm’s monthly financial statements and handles banking and insurance issues.

Tax season is Pat’s favorite time of the year. It’s during this time that she prepares the firm’s submissions to two comprehensive annual surveys of national and international accounting firms. These surveys afford Pat the opportunity to objectively analyze the firm’s financial condition and progress in comparison with similar-size firms around the country.

In addition to her passion for the firm’s financial health, Pat is also passionate about men’s college basketball, and is the firm’s bracket manager for the annual NCAA men’s college basketball tournament pool. March Madness is synonymous with tax season and basketball.

Just for fun

  • A self-described “travel and museum nut,” Pat has gone to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the Louvre and Grand Palais in Paris, the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow and the State Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia. With a love for music, Pat has also visited The Hard Rock Café in three of the four cities. She hopes that St. Petersburg will add a Café by the time she visits there again so she can add to her Hard Rock Café T-shirt collection.
  • Pat has taken Berlitz language courses in French and German. She studied Spanish in school. Her best-known phrases in all three languages are: “I am lost,” and “Where is the bathroom?”
  • Combining her love for travel and men’s college basketball, Pat went to New Orleans in March 2012 for the NCAA Final Four Men’s College Basketball Championship. Although her least favorite team (Kentucky Wildcats) won the championship, the ambience of New Orleans more than made up for her disappointment.
  • Pat is also an avid ice hockey fan of the Los Angeles Kings of the NHL. In 2014, she traveled to see them play three regular-season games in Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and Pittsburgh. For the post-season Western Conference Finals, she flew to Chicago twice in five days to see a Wednesday Game 5 (a double-overtime loss) and a Sunday Game 7 (an overtime win that put the Kings in the Stanley Cup Finals). With unfulfilled plans to complete the Kings’ Hajj by traveling to New York to see them play Game 6 of the Finals at Madison Square Garden (the Kings won the Cup in 5 games in LA), she was nevertheless ecstatic that they won their second Cup in three years.