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Sammy Sha


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Sammy Sha, CPA, provides tax services to nonprofits and real estate companies. Her favorite thing about working in the public accounting space is communicating with different people and providing advice to her clients so their businesses can thrive.



Sammy loves to dance—specifically partner dances like swing, salsa and bachata. Swing dancing was actually how Sammy met her husband.

Sammy Sha, CPA, is a manager in the firm’s tax department. She specializes in providing nonprofits and real estate companies with filing taxes, tax planning, speaking with the government on her clients’ behalf and creating strategies to help her clients save on their tax expenses.

Sammy has 6+ years of experience working in public accounting. She enjoys using her well-rounded experience to provide her clients with thoughtful tax-saving strategies and clear next steps to ensure their business’s health.

"With my background, a mix of accounting and tax, I can bring a more well-rounded view to my clients. My goal is not just to have my clients pay the minimum amount of taxes. It is also ensuring their business’s health and meeting their personal finance goals."  — Sammy Sha, CPA


  • Bachelor of business administration degree in accounting, National Taiwan University (2015)
  • Master of science in accountancy, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (2016)


  • American Institute of CPAs

More Fun Facts

  • The best vacation Sammy has even been on is when she traveled to Hawaii. She loved the ocean, the Japanese food was delicious, and the luaus were extremely fun.
  • If Sammy could travel back in time, she’d travel back to the U.S. in the 1920sbecause who wouldn’t want to wear a flapper dress?
  • Sammy was born and raised in Taiwan—she moved to the U.S. in 2015.