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Our People

We’re CPAs and advisors, but our clients know us as much more.


Sunhee An


Sunhee travels to national archery competitions with her sons.

Steve Ball


Steve thoroughly enjoys public speaking.

Kevin Brady


Two of Kevin’s favorite activities are gardening and cooking.

Pat Burden

Pat has visited 27 national parks.

Ray Burden

Ray has played golf regularly for 50+ years.

Marie Calabrese


Marie is licensed to drive snowmobiles.

Lisa Carmichael

Director of Business Development

Lisa is a major dog lover and enjoys taking her dogs on hikes.

Kevin Connelly


Kevin loves fishing on a late summer afternoon while listening to the Orioles game.

Jim Crisp

Partner Emeritus

Jim has photographed countless lighthouses up and down the east coast.

Theresa Davidson

Wolves and dolphins are Theresa’s favorite animals.

Dawn Ebeling


If she didn't work in accounting, Dawn would want to help accessorize the average woman.

Chaim Fine


If you can’t pronounce Chaim, you can call him by his nickname, Chucky.

Kirstine Fors


Kirstine is an avid Scrabble player.

David Goldner

Partner Emeritus

David loves to read, though sometimes he enjoys a nap between chapters.

Susan Gorham

Director of Marketing & Communication

Susan once played on a university rugby team in England.

Scott Handwerger


Scott enjoys spending his summer vacations in Maine.

Tom Harvey


Tom played the tuba in the West Virginia University marching band.

Lisa Johnson


Lisa has the most organized kitchen junk drawer you’ll ever find.

Jim Kern

Partner Emeritus

Jim loves to golf and he also loves the beach.

Samantha Knapp

When Samantha was a kid, she wanted to be an accountant. Her grandmother, stepmom and sister are all accountants and she wanted to follow in their footsteps.

David Lanchak


David enjoys welding, woodworking and home renovation projects.

Daniel Larson


Dan once hit the road going east and traveled the globe in one trip.

Tammy Lee


Tammy loves exploring new coffee roasts and brewing methods.

David Leipnik


In high school, David’s nickname was DJ Jazzy Leipnik.

Carrie Letsch


Carrie started at Gross Mendelsohn as an intern.

Jonathan Lovell


As a kid, Jonathan played basketball in his family’s old dairy barn.

Brian Nichols


Brian wanted to be a professional baseball player when he was a kid.

Nick Peppe

Nick has been to over 30 states and was the first person in his family to graduate from college.

Linda Pietras

Director of Human Resources

Linda loves collecting sea glass on the beach.

Kevin Relf


If Kevin could snap his fingers and become an expert at something, he'd be an expert guitarist. Kevin has a huge passion for music.

Reid Roberts


Reid makes a mean peppermint brownie.

Jennifer Rock


Jenn once lived with 12 St. Bernard puppies for eight weeks.

Steve Rostek


Steve is a fierce competitor on the racquetball court.

Len Rus

Managing Partner

Len believes you can never be too passionate about rooting for the Ravens and Terps.

Will Sasser


Will’s first job was being the cow mascot at Chick-Fil-A.

Sammy Sha


Sammy loves to dance, especially partner dances like swing, salsa and bachata.

Manvi Sidhu


Manvi studied criminal law (and accounting) in college.

Becky Spezzano


Becky has 21 first cousins and has lived in eight zip codes.

Tricia Thomas


After 12 years in Catholic school uniforms, khaki is Tricia’s favorite color.

Mark Vogel

Partner Emeritus

As a child, Mark had three languages under his belt by the time he turned three.

Tyler von Lange


If Tyler could travel back in time, he’d visit Rome in its prime.

Paul Wallace

Partner Emeritus

Paul played the bass guitar and performed with local bands in college.

Chris Wehner


Chris is a pumpkin-carving master, making Halloween a favorite holiday.

Richard Wolf


Richard was born three months premature and weighed 2 lbs. 10 oz.

Retired Partners

Bob Grochowski Bio Headshot

Bob Grochowski

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Howard Moffet

Mark Reynolds Bio Headshot

Mark Reynolds

Ed Thompson

Ed Thompson

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