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Management Advisory Services

Sometimes you need more from your CPA than accounting and tax help.

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See The Big Picture

When you spend your day-to-day in the weeds of your organization, it’s easy to lose track of the big picture. Our advisory services help businesses, nonprofits and families focus on the big picture and strengthen their financial future.
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Business Valuation

When you need more than a ballpark estimate of your business’s value, our credentialed valuation analysts will provide a carefully researched, well-substantiated valuation.

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Exit & Succession Planning

Whether you’re retiring or selling your business, we'll help you set personal goals, determine your business’s value, get the business in top financial shape to maximize its value, and minimize the tax impact of a business sale or transfer.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Successful leaders know strategic planning is important, but don’t always make time for it. Working with one of our strategic planning facilitators can help lessen the load.

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Endowment Fund Management

Our CPAs and wealth management advisors can help you grow and future-proof your endowment.

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Fraud Investigations

On average, organizations lose 5% of revenue to fraud. Our Certified Fraud Examiners can determine whether fraud occurred, investigate how it happened and setup preventative controls for the future.

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Charitable Giving Consultation

Support the causes you believe in while maximizing your tax and estate planning benefits.

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Executive Compensation Consulting

When you’re deciding how to compensate key executives at your business, we’ll help develop and structure an executive compensation plan that fits your business and financial goals.

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Human Resources Consulting

Finding and retaining good employees is one of the toughest challenges you’ll face. You can rely on our HR experts for help with hiring, creating employee policies and procedures, and making termination decisions.

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Process Improvement Consulting

Together we’ll help you improve the quality of your product, increase efficiency, reduce costs and accelerate schedules.

How To Sell Your Business

14 lessons for selling your business faster, easier and smarter
How to Sell Your Business



Don’t Just Take Our Word For It


“They’ve helped us plan for our future. The firm has all the resources we need in one place.”

Ron Attman, Chief Executive Officer
Acme Paper & Supply

“I have access to lots of different talent at Gross Mendelsohn. We ask their advice and get answers to things that go far beyond accounting and tax issues.”

Robert Wagner, President
L. Fishman & Son, Inc.

“Perhaps what I like best about Gross Mendelsohn is that their interaction with us goes well beyond the audit.”

Ben Shifrin, Head of School
Jemicy School

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