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Gain peace of mind about your organization’s financial health.

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Remove The Guesswork From Financial Decisions

Making an educated guess about your organization’s financial position is just that ― a guess. When you work with our auditors and accountants, who have industry-specific expertise, you’ll get a clear picture of your organization’s financial health along with practical advice for strengthening your operations, improving weaknesses and maximizing opportunities.
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Financial Statement Audits

Work with seasoned auditors who use the latest tools to help ensure your financial statements are fairly stated and accurately presented. Financial statement audits help you make decisions from a place of confidence, and provide the highest level of assurance compared to reviews and compilations.

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Financial Statement Reviews & Compilations

When your business or nonprofit doesn’t require a full-blown financial statement audit, a review or compilation will give you meaningful reports to help support your decision-making. 

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Single Audits

If your organization receives federal funds, you need to comply with the stringent requirements associated with government funding. Audits falling under Uniform Guidance require special expertise. Working with auditors who understand the rules surrounding government funding and have experience performing Single Audits is critical. 

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Employee Benefit Plan Audits

Employee benefit plan auditing is complex and highly scrutinized. Substandard audit work can result in civil penalties against the plan sponsor by the Department of Labor. Working with a CPA firm that specializes in employee benefit plan audits is a must.

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Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Indirect Cost Rate Audits

These audits are critical for supporting a justifiable overhead rate, which gives your firm access to government contracting opportunities and protects cash flow. We help architectural/engineering firms and government contractors throughout the U.S. stay in FAR compliance.

What Your Nonprofit's Financial Statements Reveal

The numbers on your nonprofit’s financial statements tell a colorful story ― if you know what to look for
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What Our Clients Are Saying


“They offered guidance and assistance to me and my team throughout the process to help us iron out any kinks in our system and ultimately produced exactly what they promised over a week before it was due.”

Elan Rozmaryn, Chief Financial Officer
Key Financial Group, LLC

“Any number of CPA firms can do your audit, but not every CPA has the right expertise to give good advice along the way.”

Rick Williams, Vice President, Finance
Port Discovery Children’s Museum

“Gross Mendelsohn has been a strong professional partner of our firm for years. They have consistently met deadlines and delivered much better value — without any loss of quality of advice — than national firms.”

Dara Hewat, Partner
Black Oak Associates

“One thing that sets Gross Mendelsohn apart from other audit firms is their encouragement to delve into process improvement. They really understand how we operate as a nonprofit and are sensitive to costs, and they advise us on how to make our processes and overall business stronger.”

Jana Davis, Executive Director
Chesapeake Bay Trust

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