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High Net Worth Families

Grow your family’s wealth for generations to come.

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Protect Your Family’s Financial Future

You want your family’s wealth to last for generations. Backed by decades of experience with high net worth multi-generation families, our CPAs and wealth advisors will make recommendations with your family’s legacy and lifestyle in mind.
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Income Tax Planning

Substantial wealth usually brings about complex tax questions. We’re familiar with the unique tax issues of multi-generation high net worth families, and understand the tax implications of every decision you make.

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Family Office Management

We manage the family office for wealthy families, handling day-to-day details such as banking, personal business services, insurance, bill paying, negotiations with vendors and medical planning. Our Client Advisory Services (CAS) team has your back.

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Wealth Management

Preserving your family’s wealth for the next generation takes careful asset management. We’ll craft a customized plan based on your goals, risk tolerance, tax and estate planning opportunities, and other factors unique to your family.

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Estate Tax Planning

Whether your family members want to transfer assets to the next generation or their favorite philanthropic causes — or a combination of both — our experienced estate planning professionals can help.

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Succession Planning for Business Owners

When there’s a business tied to your family’s wealth, it’s essential that you have a qualified and experienced team at your side to guide you every step of the way.

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Personal Financial & Retirement Planning

One size does not fit all when it comes to personal financial and retirement planning. Mainstream strategies that are advantageous for most are not necessarily suitable for high net worth families.

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Trust Administration

Trusts offer many wealth transfer opportunities and tax saving benefits, as well as asset management protection from creditors.

Estate Planning Checklist

Start planning for the transfer of your wealth to the next generation
Estate Planning Checklist

Family Education & Next Generation Development

One of the most important ways to preserve wealth is to introduce the younger generations to your family’s values, philanthropic commitments, finances, business interests and best practices for wealth management.

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Family Communication

Our most successful high net worth clients commit to — and follow through with — regular, structured family meetings. Our wealth advisors often facilitate those meetings, which bring together multiple generations and follow a prepared agenda.

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Family Values & Legacy Planning

Through skilled facilitation, our wealth advisors will help your family identify, fine-tune and craft your values into a cohesive family mission statement, which is the core of every financial, business and philanthropic decision you make. Strong family governance establishes a plan for the smooth transition of your family’s legacy and wealth from one generation to the next.

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When your family has a strategic philanthropic plan in place, charitable giving provides powerful tax and estate planning benefits to you and your family, along with the opportunity to support the causes you believe in.

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