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Accounting is more than numbers

Work with a team of CPAs who can help simplify the accounting side of your organization

Build your suite of custom accounting services

Safeguarding your organization for the future means maintaining strong financial processes. That’s why we offer a suite of accounting services designed to help you simplify the accounting side of your business.

Outsourced accounting

If your business or nonprofit doesn’t have adequate resources — or the in-house accounting staff — you can rely on our team to provide complete or partial back office support, freeing you up to grow and manage your organization.


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Medicare and Medicaid cost report preparation and analysis

If your organization is like many other long term care providers, working with a knowledgeable cost report and Medicaid reimbursement specialist is essential because a portion of your revenue comes from your Medicare and Medicaid population. Our Healthcare Group specializes in preparing Medicaid and federal Medicare cost reports. We even provide custom scorecards for Maryland Medicaid providers, which compare cost centers on a per patient day basis.



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Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) indirect cost rate audits

We know how critical these audits are for supporting a justifiable overhead rate that will let your firm maintain access to government contracting opportunities as well as protect cash flow. Our Government Contractors Group works with architectural/engineering firms and government contractors throughout the U.S. to help them stay in FAR compliance.

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Inventory control and management services

Effective inventory control can mean the difference between making and losing money. You need a CPA who understands inventory control and can recommend strategies that can help your business. Together we can help you implement new inventory control practices and enhance your current system.



See how organizations like yours have grown with Gross Mendelsohn

“Plain and simple, Gross Mendelsohn handles all of our accounting needs.“
Nanda Sen ,
Former President (retired)
EBA Engineering, Inc.
“David Goldner and David Lanchak consistently go above and beyond to meet the present and future needs of my business.“
Hilton Gluck ,
Dynamic Design Enterprises, Inc.
“The team at Gross Mendelsohn has relieved me of a big headache and simplified my life.“
Dr. Paul Berman ,
Berman & Killeen, P.A.
“When we looked for a new CPA firm, we really hit the mark when we hired Gross Mendelsohn.“
Diane Alley ,
Former Bookkeeper
Little Sisters of the Poor in Richmond

Keeping our clients up to date

We’re committed to keeping our clients informed and armed with advice that’ll help them make better business decisions. That’s why we publish custom reports, a blog and other resources.

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