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Our approach to working with clients isn’t cookie cutter and neither is our pricing.

How Do We Price Our Services?

The simple answer is, it depends.

The detailed answer is that our pricing is determined based on the complexity of a client’s situation, along with the client’s size and even the time of year that we perform the work.

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FAQs About Pricing

What goes into determining pricing?

Pricing is determined mostly by the complexity of your situation, which impacts the number of professionals, and how long, it takes to complete the work. There are other factors, like supply and demand, that can influence price. For example, if you can be flexible in the timing of when we perform your work, you could potentially save money. If you can have your audit work done in May, as opposed to March – the height of tax season – you will save money due to simple supply and demand.


I’m interested in getting my personal taxes prepared. Is there a standard fee for that?

There is no standard fee. In general the firm has a minimum fee of $1,000. Unlike many high-volume, low-cost tax preparers, we believe our clients should talk with us multiple times throughout the year, not just at tax time. Our year-round relationships with families means they have an advisor to lean on as circumstances change with children, parents, retirement and other life events.


Do I need a full blown audit?

Many organizations think they need an audit when they actually need a lesser level of assurance, like a review or compilation. One way we help clients save money is by making sure they aren’t buying more than they need. Read more about this in our blog.

Will I be charged every time I call you with a question?

Absolutely not. We don’t nickel and dime clients for short phone calls. In fact, we want you to call us throughout the year with questions and concerns as real-time life events occur. Often the most important conversations with clients take place outside of formal meetings and scheduled work. When a question results in the need for us to do substantial research, there would be a fee, but in the spirit of up-front communication we would always speak with you before beginning.


Do you offer any free resources to clients?

Definitely. Clients enjoy access to helpful resources such as webinars and seminars, a blog, whitepapers, industry newsletters, calculators, and benchmark data for several industries.


I’m an attorney and need to hire an expert for litigation support or a business valuation. How does that work?

Attorneys often call on our Forensics & Litigation Support team for help with business valuations, forensic investigations, document analyses and expert testimony. The cost for litigation support services depends on the size and nature of the case at hand. For business valuations, cost depends largely on what kind of valuation report is needed. We typically ask for a retainer before beginning work, which is then applied against our final bill.

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What our clients are saying

“They did everything they said they’d do, did not present us with any billing surprises, and were pleasant and efficient.“
Diane Alley ,
Former Bookkeeper
Little Sisters of the Poor in Richmond
“We often utilize the firm’s resource library and blog posts to keep ourselves up to date.“
Kathy Bernetti, CPA ,
Senior VP of Finance
LifeSpan Network
“The firm doesn’t nickel and dime us.“
Ben Shifrin ,
Head of School
Jemicy School
“Knowing we can trust in the quality of their work provides a peace of mind that you just can’t put a price on.“
Jeremy Lasson ,
Co-founder & CEO
Limited Goods, LLC
“They keep their fees competitive, we’ve been happy with the staff members who have worked onsite, and they’re just nice people to work with.“
Rick Williams ,
Former Vice President, Finance
Port Discovery Children's Museum

Organizations that trust us

Maryland SPCA - colored
Columbia Roofing
EBA Engineering
Black Oak

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