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How Taxpayers Will Be Impacted By Recent Tax Law Extenders

With the holidays over, tax-minded individuals are now focused on gathering their paperwork to file 2019 returns and project what their tax situation will look like in 2020.
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How to Report Cryptocurrency Transactions

The IRS recently publicized that it will be cracking down on taxpayers for not properly reporting cryptocurrency transactions. In this article, we’ll summarize different types of transactions and how the IRS has recommended they be reported.
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Which Valuation Method Should be Used for a Valuing Business for Gift and Estate Tax Purposes?

In the recent Tax Court opinion in Estate of Aaron U. Jones v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue (T.C. Memo 2019-101), the court came to some surprising opinions that benefit taxpayers valuing businesses for gift and estate tax purposes.
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IRS Waives Tax Penalty for 400,000+ Taxpayers

When the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) passed in December 2017, many taxpayers couldn’t foresee the implications of the legislation on their individual withholding for the coming year.
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How to Receive Matching Funds for Your Maryland 529 College Savings Plan

If you have children or grandchildren, you’re likely concerned about the cost of their college education. For Marylanders, there is a little bit of relief in sight, thanks to the state teaming up with the Maryland College Investment Plan. You might be...
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Gross Mendelsohn’s Staff Raises the Glass Ceiling With a Set of Golf Clubs

It’s no secret that playing golf can help you develop business relationships. While business has a long-standing place on the golf course, women haven’t had a prominent place on the green. According to Forbes, women are interested in playing golf, but...
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