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REVEALED: 10 Things You Should Know About the New Tax Law

By now, most taxpayers are aware of some of the basics of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, including the decrease in individual and corporate tax rates and increase in standard deductions. But there are some aspects of the new law that haven’t gotten nearly as...
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5 Strategies to Diversify Concentrated Stock Positions

Business owners and executives pour their hearts and souls into building a successful company. Often their hard work and dedication pays off, quite literally, with the sale of the business to a publicly traded company. Those corporate executives and...
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3 Tax Planning Strategies that Cost You Little But Provide Immediate Tax Savings

With so many of my high net worth clients being philanthropically inclined, there’s nothing I like better than a good tax savings strategy that ties into their charitable activities. Typically, charitable contributions will result in a reduction of your...
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Breaking Up Is Hard to Do, But for Private Foundations It Just Got Less Costly

Private foundations are often launched by high net worth families who are philanthropically inclined. In addition to giving families the opportunity to support the causes they care about, charitable giving provides powerful tax and estate planning...
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Things to Consider Before Moving to a Low- or No-Tax State

Year-round sunshine and warmth aren’t the only reasons people in high-tax states like Maryland and DC relocate to places like Florida. For many, tax savings considerations play a major role in their decision to relocate to a new state. High income...
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IRS Finalizes Rules for Program-Related Investments

The IRS just released final regulations that provide guidance to private foundations and foundation managers on program-related investments, also known as PRIs. This is good news for private foundations since many have been reluctant to take advantage of...
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