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King of Pop’s Estate Prevails Against IRS

The U.S. Tax Court recently issued a 271-page opinion, ending the long-running litigation between the Estate of Michael Jackson and the Internal Revenue Service. The court’s ruling was a major win for Jackson’s estate and the decision has the potential...
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Exit Planning Would Have Saved This Family-Owned Business from Bankruptcy

Whether you want your company to continue growing after you retire or simply want to turn a profit on the sale of your business, every company owner needs an exit plan. As a CPA who has worked with business owners for decades, I’ve seen several companies...
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Family Offices — Lessons for Everyday Families

It’s normal for high net worth families to have “family offices” that manage banking, investments, bill paying and more. But most of us aren’t born with the name Rockefeller and we don’t have family offices. However, I believe there are lessons to be...
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How to Claim a Home Office Deduction

With the rise in remote work, many people who would traditionally commute to an office or jobsite every day are now working from home. There may be tax benefits for individuals who find themselves setting up shop at home for the foreseeable future....
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How Long Should I Keep Tax Records?

Figuring out how long you need to keep your tax records can be tricky. The easiest (and vaguest) answer is that it depends.
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DC Paid Family Leave Program

Effective July 1, 2020, employees who work in the District of Columbia more than 50% of the time and whose wages are subject to DC unemployment tax are eligible for paid family leave.
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