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Common Shortfalls of Accounting Systems In Manufacturing Businesses [Video]

Having proper accounting practices and technology in place is essential for success in your manufacturing business. Without the right accounting system in place, manufacturers face a plethora of challenges and gnarly consequences that can be avoided. ...
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Mastering the Art of Depreciation: Choose the Perfect Tool for Your Business

Depreciation: the unsung hero of every business's accounting saga. It's the silent force that ensures your financial records dance to the rhythm of balance, a vital element in the complex symphony of profit and loss. Yet, for all its importance,...
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QuickBooks Desktop 2020 to be Discontinued

Intuit recently announced that it will discontinue service for QuickBooks Desktop 2020 as of May 31, 2023. If you use QuickBooks Desktop 2020, you have some decisions to make. Let’s look at how this will impact your business and what your options are as...
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15 Questions Accounting Staff Members Are Asking About the New Lease Standard

If there’s one thing for certain, accounting staff members at businesses and nonprofits have more than a few questions about the new lease standard that’s about to take effect. Implementing the biggest new accounting rule to come our way in decades is no...
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Ease Supply Chain Distribution Woes With EDI

In any economy, there are only two ways to increase the bottom line: increase revenue and/or decrease costs. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a tool that can help with both. By eliminating operational bottlenecks, EDI helps lower costs while allowing...
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Lease Accounting Software Options

In wake of the new lease accounting standards, Accounting Standards Codification (ASC) 842 and International Financial Report Standards (IFRS) 16, it’s important that you have the right technology in place to handle complicated lease situations and...
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