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Common Shortfalls of Accounting Systems In Manufacturing Businesses [Video]

Common Shortfalls of Accounting Systems In Manufacturing Businesses [Video]

Manufacturing & Distribution

Having proper accounting practices and technology in place is essential for success in your manufacturing business. Without the right accounting system in place, manufacturers face a plethora of challenges and gnarly consequences that can be avoided.

Kevin Connelly, CPA, and Chris Haiss, CPA, are two of Gross Mendelsohn’s manufacturing industry experts. While Kevin helps manufacturers with accounting, auditing and tax issues, Chris has years of experience advising manufacturers on accounting system selection and implementation.

Kevin and Chris have seen it all — get their thoughts on the role improved accounting technology and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems play in strengthening manufacturing businesses.In their video conversation, Kevin and Chris cover:

  • Signs your manufacturing business might be ready for a new ERP system

  • Common shortfalls of accounting systems and processes in manufacturing businesses

  • Why effective inventory tracking is an absolute must

  • The most critical step before implementing a new ERP system

  • How accounting system shortfalls rear their ugly head in a manufacturing business


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Published on January 23, 2024