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We help businesses and families thrive through accounting, technology and wealth management services.

Work with us to get the insight you need to feel more confident in your decision-making.

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Businesses we've helped

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Little Sisters of the Poor Virginia
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1:6 our partner to staff ratio
443+ articles on our blog
2,500+ clients work with us
7x top workplace winner

We’ve been helping our clients grow since before man walked on the moon

Our goal is never to tell you how to run your finances. Instead, we’ll work with you to ensure you have the right information and advice, at the right time, to make sound financial decisions that will help you or your business succeed.

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Here’s how we’re different from other firms

  1. Our partner-to-staff ratio is much lower than the industry average.
  2. We use data to drive our decisions and recommendations, and keep our clients informed.
  3. Our expertise grows and develops the longer we’re in business.
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See how businesses like yours are growing with Gross Mendelsohn

“We work with Gross Mendelsohn because they make a difference in our business.“
Kathy Christopolis ,
Columbia Roofing
“Our first audit with Gross Mendelsohn was an outstanding experience.“
Richard Heese ,
Former CFO and COO (retired)
Maryland Science Center
“David has a vision of what needs to be done to maintain our lifestyle, and his forecasts have always proven to be on target.“
A Maryland high net worth family member
“They give us information that helps us understand where we are now, and gets us where we want to go.“
Ron Attman ,
Chief Executive Officer
Acme Paper & Supply Co. Inc.

Keeping our clients up to date

Knowing what’s happening in the industry is a key component in how we make recommendations for our clients. We publish custom reports, a blog and other resources to keep our clients well informed.

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If you’re thinking, “Gross Mendelsohn sounds great”

Talk with us. We’ll work together to see how we can help you or your business grow.

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