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Nonprofit Planning and Budgeting In the Cloud

For nonprofit organizations, financial sustainability is built upon the timely review and reporting of financial activities to constituents. With the increasing need to accurately measure outcomes, rising donor expectations and massive changes in the...
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Expense Reporting With NetSuite’s Mobile App and Employee Center Role

Expense reports are essential to monitoring spending and tracking the costs incurred from your business operations. Whether they’re monthly, long term or recurring, it's important to analyze this information to get a clear view of your organization’s...
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Run All Your Organization’s Processes In One System With NetSuite

If you’re relying on separate systems to execute your organization’s essential functions, chances are you’ve been faced with challenges regarding information accessibility, accuracy, consistency and so forth. It might seem like these challenges are a...
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Windows 365 vs. Azure VDI: What’s the Difference?

Adopting a new technology tool can sometimes feel like more trouble than it’s worth because of the steep learning curve. It’d be nice if everything you already knew how to use was simply ushered into the next tool. You’re used to current workflows, but...
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Manufacturers & Distributors: How to Build Reliability With NetSuite CRM

As your manufacturing or distributing business begins to take off, your main objective is to elevate productivity across your organization. You want your team to streamline lead-to-cash processes so they can improve sales performance through forecasting,...
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Cloud Hosting: Is It Right for Your Business?

Cloud hosting is all the rage. Chances are, some aspect of your organization’s technology lives in the cloud. But what does “cloud hosting” mean, and what do you need to know to evaluate whether it’s a good option for your business? One popular cloud...
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