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The Top Technology Concern for Construction Contractors (and How to Solve It)

Contractors are constantly juggling multiple software solutions just to get through daily processes. When it comes to building reports or checking in on essential information, it can take entirely too much time if you’re going to multiple software...
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The #1 Sign — and Others — That Your Construction Company Has Been Hacked [Infographic]

Many construction contractors believe that being hacked means they’ll get a mysterious call from a person with a grisly, threatening tone, or they’ll get a pop-up message on their computer that says, “you’ve been hacked.” The truth is, you can get these...
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How This Simple Network Task Could Save Your Construction Company Thousands of Dollars

Imagine logging into your computer first thing in the morning and nothing works. You and your coworkers can’t open your software or files on the server, bringing essential tasks like payroll processing to a screeching halt. Then, a pop up appears on your...
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Can a Better Project Management Software System Help Keep Your Best Construction Employees?

According to a recent Maryland construction industry survey, the number one concern among construction company owners is finding and retaining good employees. So how can a project management software system help with that?
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Is Your Construction Company’s Software Ready for the Cloud?

When selecting accounting or project management software for your construction company, there’s a lot you have to consider. It can be difficult to figure out the right package that suits your needs. How do you choose the right one? If you’re looking for...
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