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Effective Project Accounting for Service Businesses

The success of a project in a service business depends on accurate time and expense inputs, billing rules, workflows and processes. Inaccuracies introduce billing errors and these mistakes damage customer relationships, impact your reputation and put...
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Go Beyond Spreadsheets to Grow Your Service Business

Service businesses of any size often face similar challenges in their pursuit of growth. Whether scaling from a start-up or a mid-sized business, there are impediments to growth both inside and outside the organization.
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How to Better Manage Your Procurement Process with NetSuite

Your business must be prepped with the supplies it needs in order to operate. For that reason, having a reliable procurement process is essential for your business’s success. While going through the procurement process, you need to establish and maintain...
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Managing Inventory for Service Businesses

Although inventory plays a different role than in other industries, it is no less significant to running your service business. The quality of your services and the satisfaction of your customers depend on the materials your business uses to get the job...
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How to Gain Real-Time Visibility and Transparency in Your Finances Using SuiteBilling

If you’re in the service business industry, having real-time visibility and transparency in your finances is critical. As your business moves to the cloud, you may be wondering how you could streamline your billing process to make the experience...
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Enable Economic Independence with NetSuite Revenue Management

With the globalization of business, you’ll want a source of dependable revenue management to avoid economic mishaps in your service organization. Raise your hand if you use multiple spreadsheets to track financial data. You’re not alone. In this day and...
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