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Why Departmental Budgeting Is Underrated and Underutilized

Though it’s a vital component of managing an organization’s finances, departmental budgeting often doesn’t get the attention it should. Leaders tend to focus more on big-picture financial plans and decisions, leaving departmental budgeting as an...
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The Great Accountant Shortage: 5 Actions to Help CFOs Avoid a Staffing Crisis

Accounting is facing an exodus without enough new personnel to fill the demand left behind. More than 300,000 United States accountants and auditors have left their jobs in the past two years, including a rising number of midcareer professionals. At the...
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Streamline Your Year-End Close With Improved Technology

Do you find your accounting team continuously dreading year-end close processes? If so, it’s time to make some changes.
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6 Tools to Optimize the Performance of Your NetSuite Account

Like visiting the doctor for an annual checkup, it’s important to regularly assess the health of your business systems. Luckily, NetSuite offers tools to allow users to proactively review and optimize the performance and health of their account.
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A CFO’s Guide to Automation

Financial management automation is no longer a want — it’s a need. Organizations across all industry sectors understand the value of adopting technology to increase accuracy, improve governance and shorten the month-end close process. Companies that...
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What’s New In Sage 300 2024 and Tips to Optimize Your Year-End Close

Sage 300 2024 is now available, and your year-end close is just around the corner. In this article, we’ll look at some of the top new features in the latest release, including a new financial reporter, more web screens and a collection of usability...
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