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King of Pop’s Estate Prevails Against IRS

The U.S. Tax Court recently issued a 271-page opinion, ending the long-running litigation between the Estate of Michael Jackson and the Internal Revenue Service. The court’s ruling was a major win for Jackson’s estate and the decision has the potential...
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Valuation Experts Clash Over Prince’s Estate

Legendary musician Prince died on April 21, 2016 without a will. As a result, it created one of the largest and most complicated probate hearings in his home state of Minnesota’s history. The Internal Revenue Service is claiming that the executors of...
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Valuation of Business for Estate Planning

An interest in a closely-held business can often be one of the most significant assets in an individual’s estate. As such, there are many planning opportunities that exist when creating an estate plan for a business owner. A timely valuation prepared by...
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How to Select a Business Valuation Expert: A Guide for Attorneys

Figuring out how to select a business valuation expert can be tough. A quick Google search yields hundreds of so-called valuation experts, but how do you whittle down the list? The good news is there are specific qualifications and certifications...
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Divorce Lessons From Outer Space

It’s something that divorce attorneys see fairly regularly – one spouse accusing the other spouse of accessing their private bank accounts during the divorce process. But what happens when one of the spouses is accessing the bank accounts from space? ...
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Why Bringing Your Financial Expert to Mediation Is a Game Changer

The vast majority of cases settle before ever going to trial. In many instances, they are settled through mediation. Having your financial expert at mediation, whether it’s for a divorce matter, damages claim, or any claim dealing with a complex...
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