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How Officer Compensation Impacts Business Value

To properly value a business, adjustments may need to be made to the business’s revenue and expenses to normalize its income statement and accurately reflect the true economic performance of the business. One of the adjustments that commonly may be made...
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Guide for Divorce Attorneys: What a Client's Form 1040 Can Reveal About Income & Assets

Determining a couple’s income is one of the most critical financial issues in a divorce case. Reviewing the couple’s Form 1040, to start, can help paint a picture of their financial position and lifestyle. Divorce attorneys who know where to look for key...
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Understanding the Company-Specific Risk Premium: A Guide for Attorneys

Whether it’s part of a contentious divorce hearing or to assist a client in selling their business, a valuation is extremely important in determining the value of a business. Understanding risk factors is essential in determining how a business will be...
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