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How to Make Your Private School’s Next Audit Stress-Free

We recently polled private school heads and financial staff to find out whether their last audit was “stress-free.” Not surprisingly, nearly half of respondents answered “no.” While it’s easy to look at your school’s annual audit as a necessary evil, not...
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Are Your Payroll Taxes Actually Getting Paid?

Business owners and financial executives now have one more thing to keep track of – making sure payroll taxes are actually getting paid to tax authorities. With so many businesses relying on outside parties to process paychecks and pay employment taxes,...
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Quick Guide: Special Accounting Considerations for Religious Organizations

Religious organizations may technically be classified as nonprofit organizations, yet they are subject to a unique set of accounting rules. Anyone providing accounting services within a religious organization must be aware of special policies that can...
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What Are the Differences Between Nonprofit and For-profit Accounting?

Nonprofit organizations are similar to for-profit entities in many ways. Both generally have employees, insurance issues, marketing programs and the need for inflows of resources that exceed outflows in order to stay in operation.
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4 Fundraising Questions Every Nonprofit Should Know the Answer to

When it comes to fundraising, nonprofits have a lot of questions. In a webinar we hosted with nonprofit fundraising expert Vince Connelly of Connelly & Assoc. Fundraising, LLC, we received several questions from nonprofits with concerns about all too...
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3 Reasons to Choose Your 401(k) Plan Auditor Very Carefully

Whether your organization has had a 401(k) plan in place for years, or you are just putting one into place, you know all about the seemingly endless string of documentation and regulatory requirements that hang over your plan like a dark cloud.
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