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What Your Nonprofit’s Financial Statements Reveal [Video]

The numbers on your nonprofit’s financial statements tell a colorful story ― if you know what to look for. Nonprofit CEOs, executive directors and board members who have a solid understanding of financial statements typically make better decisions for...
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Budgeting Best Practices for Nonprofits

Creating and managing your nonprofit’s budget probably isn’t a favorite annual task. Though budgeting may feel tedious or even overwhelming, having a clearly established budget plays a key role in your nonprofit’s ability to successfully execute its...
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2 Reasons Why Your Youth-Focused Nonprofit Should Establish an Endowment

Between the merry-go-round of government changes, staffing shortages and a fluctuating financial market, many youth-focused nonprofits lack one of the most vital tools in securing their future–an endowment.
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4 Unlikely Ways Youth-Focused Nonprofits Can Boost Fundraising

If your organization is like many other youth-focused nonprofits, the generosity of donors is a huge source of funding for some, if not all, of your income. As a result, fundraising is always a top priority. Since child-focused nonprofits often compete...
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Child-Focused Nonprofits Can Boost Fundraising by Suggesting Tax Planning Strategies to Donors

A recent charitable giving report from Blackbaud Institute confirms that donations in the United States grew by 9% in 2021. This increase occurred for nonprofits of all sizes in all sectors, with 12% of charitable giving coming from online donations. ...
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2021 Employee Benefit Plan Audits: Big Changes On the Way

Business entities that sponsor employee benefit plans, and plan administrators with the responsibility for regulatory compliance of their benefit plans should take note. There are significant changes coming for 2021 employee benefit plan audits that will...
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