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Quick Guide: Managing Technology for Your Business’ Remote Workforce

When a business has employees who work remotely in any capacity, network access and communication between employees and customers becomes even more essential. As more businesses acclimate to a remote setup, it’s important to make sure you’re fully...
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Windows 365 vs. Azure VDI: What’s the Difference?

Adopting a new technology tool can sometimes feel like more trouble than it’s worth because of the steep learning curve. It’d be nice if everything you already knew how to use was simply ushered into the next tool. You’re used to current workflows, but...
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Fend Off Cyberattacks With Webroot Evasion Shield

Business owners continue to learn the importance of going on the offensive to fend off cyberattacks. Unfortunately, many learn the hard away — after they’ve experienced a costly attack. With a slew of cyber security products hitting the market over the...
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One More Reason to Test Your Organization’s Cyber Security, for Real

Another malicious cyber attack was reported just before the July 4 holiday weekend. This one hit close to home here at Gross Mendelsohn. Before I go into the details, rest assured that we were not affected. This massive ransomware attack is one of many...
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How to Protect Your Business From Ransomware

It’s all over the news: the Colonial Pipeline, JBS meat company and Massachusetts Steamship Authority have all been struck down by crippling ransomware attacks. Let’s look at why these cyber attacks are happening and, more importantly, what you need to...
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New Technology Innovations Every Business Should Tap Into

We’ve been deep in this new realm of remote work for more than a year now. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack, GoToWebinar and virtual whiteboards are our daily norm. While software tools often get all the glory because of impressive user interfaces, fun...
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