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5 Essential Tips to Passing Your Microsoft Audit, Even If You Find a Mistake

Paper cuts, stepping on Legos, or even the stomach flu all seem preferable than going through a technology audit, right? This is especially the case if halfway through, you find a discrepancy in your licensing.
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If You Think Your Small Business Is Immune to a Hack, Think Again

When you’re immersed in running your business day to day — particularly when the cash register is ringing — it’s easy to put network security on the back burner. Who wants to worry over a cyberattack that might not even happen? Do you think your small...
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What to Do When You Get a Microsoft Audit Request (Except Panic)

You’re a little skeptical, right? You’ve received a call or email from someone claiming to be from Microsoft and they want to peek into all your software licensing.
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Three Reasons Why the Cloud Can Help Your Business be More Successful

Today, it’s common to hear someone say that their movies, music, file storage and everything else is “in the cloud.” But what really is “the cloud”? Your data is not floating in midair like it may sound, but rather it is readily available with minimal...
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The DocuSign Desperado: What You Need to Know

Our team has come across a slew of phishing attacks designed to steal your email credentials. We’re calling one particular scam “The DocuSign Desperado.” Here’s what you need to know to protect yourself — and your business.
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How This Simple Network Task Could Save Your Construction Company Thousands of Dollars

Imagine logging into your computer first thing in the morning and nothing works. You and your coworkers can’t open your software or files on the server, bringing essential tasks like payroll processing to a screeching halt. Then, a pop up appears on your...
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