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The Latest Trends in Cyber Security and Compliance

With the cyber landscape constantly changing, your organization must be alert to today’s biggest threats and what’s on the horizon. You don’t want to face an uphill battle responding to a cyberattack when you could’ve taken proactive measures to keep...
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See Yourself in Cyber: Best Practices for Cyber Security Awareness Month

What have you been up to this October? When you think about the month, a lot comes to mind. But aside from the pumpkins, Halloween and your favorite seasonal beverage, it’s important to remember that October is cyber security awareness month. This month...
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Four Strategies to Safeguard Against Emerging Cyber Threats

Cyber security breaches have consistently been on the rise. Hackers are developing new and complex strategies to access your sensitive information. If it doesn’t work the first time, they’re sure to try again.
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How to Set Up Email Delivery in Sage 300

If you’re looking to automate email invoice delivery to your customers and vendors, you’re in luck! With the release of Sage 300 2022.2, you can now email documents using Microsoft 365.
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Don’t Wait to Update: Apple Security Vulnerabilities

Apple released an emergency software update, iOS 15.6.1, in response to security vulnerabilities in certain versions of their devices, including iPhones, iPads and Mac computers. The vulnerabilities would open the opportunity for a hacker to have full...
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Balance Supply and Demand Throughout Your Supply Chain

Managing the supply chain for your business means ensuring you balance the right combination of cost control, accurate lead times, inventory and service level.
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