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Supply Planning for Manufacturers and Distributors

Balancing supply and demand in your manufacturing or distribution business is a delicate process. Both an art and a science, good supply planning ensures that your business has the right combination of cost control, lead times and service level. Supply...
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How to Gain Real-Time Visibility and Transparency in Your Finances Using SuiteBilling

If you’re in the service business industry, having real-time visibility and transparency in your finances is critical. As your business moves to the cloud, you may be wondering how you could streamline your billing process to make the experience...
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3 Ways Manufacturers and Wholesale Distributors Can Enhance Their Warehouse Management

If you’re a manufacturer or wholesale distributor, you’re most likely looking to increase labor productivity, reduce handling time and optimize space utilization. This can be a daunting task unless you have a tool in place that gives you a 360-degree...
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All-in-One Software for Better Nonprofit Management

Finance and fundraising departments meet and greet at each transaction. Fundraising connects the transaction to an organization, a household or an individual—and further—needs to track and report on marketing data associated with the transaction....
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How to Unite Development and Finance Teams for Nonprofit Organizations

Different departments have different priorities. Misalignment between a nonprofit’s departments can wreak havoc in the board room and cause disruptions in key areas of the organization. Integrating information is essential for your fundraising and...
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How Manufacturers and Distributors Can Master Demand Planning

Manufacturers and distributors know how critical inventory management is. In fact, manufacturers and distributors who maintain proper inventory levels often enjoy increases in sales. Knowing how much inventory you have, how much you need for future sales...
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