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CFO to Chief Value Creation Officer

From Fortune 500 companies to midsized firms, more is expected from chief financial officers than ever before. In addition to traditional responsibilities (such as managing budgets and costs, financial reporting and compliance), CFOs are now expected to...
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4 Things You’re Missing When Using Spreadsheets for Business Intelligence

For decades, spreadsheets have been finance’s go-to application to create budgets, analyze variances and run scenario modeling. However, as business data grows and financial challenges become more complex, spreadsheets create hidden costs as you work...
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Why Departmental Budgeting Is Underrated and Underutilized

Though it’s a vital component of managing an organization’s finances, departmental budgeting often doesn’t get the attention it should. Leaders tend to focus more on big-picture financial plans and decisions, leaving departmental budgeting as an...
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7 Steps CFOs Can Take for Efficient Growth

For the past several planning cycles, business leaders across industries have been waiting for a recession that seemed imminent. But recession predictions have been continuously delayed as a steady stream of better-than-expected data on jobs, inflation...
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Innovate Your Processes and Boost Productivity With NetSuite’s Latest Features

Some exciting announcements came out of NetSuite’s annual conference, SuiteWorld, this October — they include some brand-new improvements to help innovate workflows across the platform.
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The Ultimate Guide to Scenario Planning

Companies are doubling down on scenario planning to increase resilience when facing a challenging collision of macroeconomic risk factors, like a looming recession, elevated inflation, rising interest rates and geopolitical uncertainty. By building...
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