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Jennifer Lemons


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Jennifer Lemons, has been providing financial and advisory consulting services to government contractors for 9+ years, helping them solve problems unique to the government contracting space.


You Might not know

Jennifer is an avid vinyl record collector. Her favorite artist is Mariah Carey and Jennifer owns one of her original album pressings, which are extremely limited in number and very hard to come by.

Jennifer Lemons provides financial and advisory consulting services. She specializes in working with government contractors and helps them navigate the variety of expenses and classifications they face by reviewing monthly and annual financial statements, advising on accounting system support, understanding government reporting entities and more.

With 9+ years of experience working with government contractors, Jennifer greatly enjoys working and interacting with different people. No one day is the same for Jennifer as different client interactions and problem-solving keep her on her toes.


  • Master’s degree in business administration, University of Maryland (2014)
  • Bachelor of science and business administration degree, DeVry University (2008)
  • Associate of business administration degree in accounting, York Technical Institute (2003)

More Fun Facts

  • If Jennifer could snap her fingers and become an expert in something, she’d become an expert in cooking.
  • Outside of work, you’ll find Jennifer either at the gym or with her sons and dog doing some sort of outdoor activity.