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IRS Delays $600 Form 1099-K Reporting Requirement Threshold

Tax season can be a confusing and stressful time for many, with various forms and reporting requirements to keep track of. One form, the 1099-K, is the subject of a delay by the IRS. The IRS recently announced the delay of a 2021 law that would require...
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Tax Strategies to Consider Before Moving Abroad

Moving abroad is an exciting venture, but it comes with important financial considerations, especially when it comes to taxes. Careful tax planning can help you navigate the complexities and optimize your financial situation before making an...
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Budgeting Best Practices for Nonprofits

Creating and managing your nonprofit’s budget probably isn’t a favorite annual task. Though budgeting may feel tedious or even overwhelming, having a clearly established budget plays a key role in your nonprofit’s ability to successfully execute its...
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Maryland Extends Deadline for MarylandSaves Exemption to December 31, 2023

It has been quite some time since Maryland’s general assembly passed MarylandSaves in 2016. After much delay, Maryland finally put its retirement vehicle into motion on September 15, 2022, in the form of a Roth IRA account. Now that the program has been...
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How Too Much Trust Can Erode Internal Controls

There’s a fine line regarding trust in a workplace environment. Too little trust in employees can diminish effective communication, increase conflict and decrease loyalty. But on the flip side, too much trust could create an opportunity for a key...
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Fraud Prevention Tactics Could Have Prevented Massive NFL Team Theft

As first reported by The Athletic, a former employee in the finance department of the Jacksonville Jaguars is facing federal charges for allegedly stealing more than $22 million from the team over a four-year period. The employee, Amit Patel, was a...
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