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How to Reduce Inventory Costs with a Just-In-Time Inventory System

Manufacturers and distributors need to have inventory available to ensure a steady flow of goods to producers and consumers. Selling inventory also keeps a steady flow of capital coming into your business. However, handling and storing materials can be...
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5 Smart Strategies to Grow Your Manufacturing Business

The manufacturing industry isn’t what it was ten years ago. Not only has changing and increasingly advanced technology made finding and recruiting qualified employees more difficult than ever, but uncertainty about the future of tax law and governmental...
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6 Resources Everyone In the Maryland Manufacturing Industry Should Know About

As politics and policies continue to change, it is more important than ever that Maryland manufacturers stay up to date on what is happening in the industry, take advantage of financial opportunities and keep an eye on new and existing tax credits.
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4 Steps to Better Inventory Management for Manufacturers and Distributors

For many manufacturers and wholesale distributors, inventory is one of the company’s largest and most valuable assets. But it can also be one of the most costly for manufacturing and distribution and companies.
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Three Tough Questions Manufacturing Company Owners Must Ask to Improve Profitability

Manufacturing companies around the globe are faced with many hurdles in their quest to be more profitable. To keep improved profitably in sight, business owners must make tough choices on issues such as automation, vendor relationships and software...
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