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Best Practices in Managing a Nonprofit Endowment Fund

I had the opportunity to lead a roundtable discussion, “Responsibilities In Managing a Nonprofit Endowment,” at Maryland Nonprofits’ annual conference. Attendees, who were board members and staff of nonprofit organizations, were looking for insight into...
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Who Are the Latest IRS Targets? A List of 23 Audit Triggers

Many taxpayers ask, "How can I avoid an IRS audit?" There’s no 100% guarantee you won’t be picked, because some tax returns are chosen randomly. However, completing your returns in a timely and accurate fashion with your trusted tax advisor certainly...
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What Are the Best Ways for a Nonprofit or Foundation to Get Endowment Funds?

Many nonprofit organizations, private schools and foundations have endowments in place to secure a steady income stream for the long term.
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Claiming Home Office Deduction Comes with Fewer Headaches

If you maintain ahome office, you will have a simplified method for computing your home office income tax deductions for the 2013 tax year and beyond.
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How to Choose an Investment Manager for Your Nonprofit Organization

If your nonprofit has significant endowments, you likely need an investment manager — unless you have that expertise in house.
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IRA Rollovers: Not as Simple as They Might Seem

Rolling over a company retirement plan distribution into an IRA is usually a good idea. It allows you to defer taxes on the rolled-over balance, and the future income earned on that balance, for as long as the money stays in the IRA. However, the IRA...
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