Check out our bios to learn what makes each member of our management team tick. You’ll learn who has two Elvis-style jumpsuits, who has a thing for lighthouses, who likes to iron, and who almost chose a career at Friendly’s Ice Cream over a career in accounting.

Gross, Mendelsohn & Associates, P.A.

Allen F. Haar Principal 410.900.1355
Barry G. Isaac Principal 410.900.1321
Beth M. Gaasbeck Manager 410.900.1357
Chaim A. Fine Manager 410.900.1376
David A. Goldner Managing Partner 410.900.1305
David Leipnik Manager 410.900.1055
David M. Lanchak Partner 410.900.1307
Dawn D. Ebeling Manager 410.900.1344
Diana B. DeWitt Partner 410.900.1350
Edward L. Thompson Partner 410.900.1329
Ernie Paszkiewicz Partner 410.900.1339
Howard H. Moffet Consultant 410.900.1306
James E. Crisp Partner 410.900.1372
James J. Kern Partner 410.900.1330
Jennifer Green Rock Manager 410.900.1325
Jonathan R. Lovell Manager 410.900.1387
Leonard B. Rus Partner 410.900.1318
Lisa B. Johnson Manager 410.900.1326
Mark C. Vogel Partner 410.900.1170
Mark W. Reynolds Consultant 410.900.1313
Paul O. Wallace Partner 410.900.1304
Reid T. Roberts Partner 410.900.1366
Richard L. Wolf Principal 410.900.1083
Richard M. Shank Manager 410.900.1358
Robert W. Grochowski Consultant 410.900.1315
Scott D. Handwerger Partner 410.900.1392
Steve J. Rostek Manager 410.900.1327
Steve K. Ball Partner 410.900.1308
Taylor S. Dean Partner 410.900.1171
Theresa M. Davidson Manager 410.900.1361
Tricia Love Thomas Partner 410.900.1381

Gross Mendelsohn's Technology Solutions Group

Anusone Saenphimmachak Systems Consultant 410.215.9975
April M. Walsh Network Consultant / Engineer 410.627.0523
Christina P. Haiss Partner 410.207.1091
Dana Carter Technology Manager 410.900.1363
Elizabeth McNally Systems Consultant 410.916.9734
Erica Turner Account Executive 443.835.0671
Jeffrey. C. Helferstay Junior Network and Systems Consultant
Jennifer A. Mt. Castle Systems Consultant 443.510.0244
Jeremy R. Weisinger Senior Network Consultant 443.370.8366
Joshua A. Beitler Network Consultant / Engineer 443.604.3617
Kenneth M. Glenn, Jr. Account Executive 410.924.0285
Michael R. Schnell Developer 410.952.0344
Michael T. Marinaro Principal / Systems Consultant 410.598.9135
Michael W. Kropkowski Junior Network Engineer 443.915.4610
Sharon L. Paul Partner 410.952.9493
Tekoa Gamble IT Manager 410.900.1342
Tony F. Marinaro Systems Consultant 443.842.0116
William L. Walter Principal / Networking Engineer 443.610.7413

GGM Wealth Advisors

Christopher E. Grant Consultant 410.685.9685
Jeffrey G. Johnson Managing Director 410.685.9685
Michael D. Little Director of Wealth Management 410.685.9685
Steven T. Hannigan Senior Wealth Advisor 410.685.9685

Other key contacts for billing, job and media inquiries

Debby L. Spear Director of Practice Development 410.900.1303
Linda Rogers Pietras Director of Human Resources 410.900.1371
Patricia Smerdzinski Controller 410.900.1346
Susan Gorham Director of Marketing 410.900.1324