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FAR Overhead Rates and Audits for A/E Firms – FAQs

If your architecture or engineering firm is looking into working on state department of transportation awards or other federally funded contracts, you may have heard the term “overhead rate” or “indirect cost rate.” Calculating a rate for the first time...
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AASHTO 2021 National Compensation Matrix Is Here

Heads up to architecture and engineering firms: the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials has released its 2021 National Compensation Matrix (NCM). This is significant for architecture and engineering firms because the NCM is...
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3 Ways Construction Contractors Can Prepare for Their First Audit

Maybe you have a new contract that requires an audit or maybe your bank requested audited financial statements. If you’re a construction contractor, a first-time audit can seem overwhelming and daunting. Because your work in process schedule is crucial...
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