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Quick Guide: Accredited In Business Valuation (ABV) Credential

As a CPA, ABV and CVA, my credentials are a source of pride for me. Most people recognize the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) credential. However, very few people recognize other credentials in the accounting and forensic accounting field.
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Phantom Income: Pass-Through Entity Income Used for Support In Divorce Cases

Calculating income for support purposes, whether it be child support or alimony, can be complicated. For owners of pass-through entities (“PTEs”), it can be especially difficult.
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Tax-Free Transfers Incident to a Divorce: What Qualifies?

Dividing assets in a divorce is rarely a simple matter. It gets even more complicated when there is a transfer of property between spouses after a divorce.
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4 Powerful Ways Forensic Accountants Help Divorce Attorneys Delight Their Clients

In any divorce, bright spots are always welcome. If you can find income that wasn’t previously reported by a spouse or help determine whether or not certain assets should be part of a settlement, you give your clients a big reason to smile. Or at least...
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6 Questions to Ask a Forensic Accountant About a Business-Owning Spouse

In my many years of practice as an expert specializing in matrimonial disputes, there’s little I haven’t seen in the way of business-owning spouses trying to hide assets. From the creative and clever to the downright fraudulent, I suspect that these...
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Guidance for Divorce Attorneys: How Business-Owning Spouses May Manipulate Income

In an ideal world, parting couples are honest and transparent during divorce litigation. In the real world, there’s always a chance that someone isn’t being truthful. If one spouse has a business, the opportunities to hide or manipulate income increase...
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