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IRS Delays $600 Form 1099-K Reporting Requirement Threshold

Tax season can be a confusing and stressful time for many, with various forms and reporting requirements to keep track of. One form, the 1099-K, is the subject of a delay by the IRS. The IRS recently announced the delay of a 2021 law that would require...
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IRS Halts Processing of New Employee Retention Credit Claims

The IRS announced a moratorium on the popular Employee Retention Credit through at least the end of 2023. Here’s what you need to know about the moratorium.
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Beware of Employee Retention Credit Scams

If advertisements about the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) have grabbed your attention, you’re not alone. Scammers have jumped on the opportunity to convince business owners to claim this potentially lucrative tax credit. Here’s what you need to know...
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Maryland Raises Business Personal Property Tax Exemption

The Maryland State Department of Assessments and Taxation (SDAT) made business owners very happy as House Bill 268 (HB268) has officially taken effect. This legislation increases the exemption amount of personal property eligible to be taxed. The...
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Maryland Small Business Retirement Savings Program Set to Launch September 2022

It seems like ancient history, but back in 2016, Maryland passed a law requiring any covered employer (i.e., one that didn’t have its own retirement plan and used a payroll system or service) to participate in the Maryland Small Business Retirement...
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Infrastructure Legislation Terminates ERTC

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act was signed into law on November 15. While most of the legislation is related to investing in the nation’s infrastructure, there were a couple of tax provisions included in the bill. Here’s what you should know...
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