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Bill, our lead networking guru, loves showing clients how technology can be worked into their existing processes to improve efficiency. His expertise includes high level planning for internal and external networks, research and selection of hardware and software products, and hands-on installation and configuration of networks. Normally a pretty easygoing guy, Bill thinks there should be a law against wearing a Bluetooth headset when it’s not in use.

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Cloud Productivity and Collaboration

Cloud Hosting: Is It Right for Your Business?

Cloud hosting is all the rage. Chances are, some aspect of your organization’s technology lives in the cloud. But what does “cloud hosting” mean, and what do you need to know to evaluate whether it’s a good option for your business? One popular cloud host got some unwanted attention recently when they booted a social media platform whose conservative leanings were not to their liking. The social media platform went offline abruptly and scrambled to find a new host. This caused a media stir amidst the trend of “cancel culture” and prompted many business owners to ask, “Could that happen to me?”

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Cyber Security  |  Networking

What You Need to Know About the Microsoft Exchange Zero-Day Exploit

If you haven’t heard the news, there is a major zero-day exploit quickly spanning the globe. A zero-day exploit is an advanced cyber attack that exposes a vulnerability in software/hardware, which can create a series of complications before it is detected. Until the vulnerability is remediated, hackers can exploit it affecting your data and network. The most recent exploit is targeting local installations of Microsoft Exchange. Once attackers find a vulnerable Exchange server, they gain a foothold on that server and attempt to mine your data.

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Healthcare  |  Networking

How to Safeguard Your Healthcare Organization from a Cyber Attack

Healthcare organizations are in a global state of emergency - not only due to the pandemic, but because hackers are targeting their cyber security shortcomings. Numerous studies show that the healthcare industry is the biggest target for hackers. Organizations that fall victim to a cyber attack could face hefty fines and significant reputation damage. Not only that, but your patient data could also be compromised, putting their information in the hands of a malicious hacker. I recently partnered with my colleague Steve Rutkovitz from Choice Cybersecurity to identify the current threats healthcare organizations are facing and how to minimize the risk of an attack in the future. Let’s jump in and explore the five-step process for how to take your HIPAA security to the next level and achieve true cyber health.

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Government Contractors

How to Get Your CMMC Certification Across the Finish Line

Reports show that government contractors are one of the largest targets for hackers. Businesses that fall victim to a cyber attack could face loss of contracts, reduced funding, significant reputable damage or substantial recovery fees. Most government contracts require FISMA (Federal Information Security Management Act) and NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) compliance to prevent security and cyber breaches.

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Cloud Productivity and Collaboration  |  Home Cyber Security

How to Write an IT Plan: A Quick Guide for Business Owners

If you were fortunate, you were able to pivot your business to have your employees work from home quickly at the onset of the pandemic. As the crisis emerged, business owners scrambled to set-up remote access and patch together what was needed to ensure their employees could work from home successfully.

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Government Contractors  |  Home Cyber Security

Four Best Practices for Secure Remote Work

As the number of remote workers continues to rise, there are a handful of safety practices that all business owners, IT managers, and employees should be thinking about. Here are the most important practices to keep in mind.

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