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5 Form 990 Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Nonprofit’s Fundraising Efforts

Many nonprofits see IRS Federal Form 990 as an informational return that they send to the IRS every year, but in reality, the Form 990 is much more than that. Your organization’s 990 is open to public inspection, which means that your current and...
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3 Common Nonprofit Management Letter Comments and How to Avoid Them

A primary responsibility of nonprofit directors and officers is to ensure that their organization is accountable for its programs and finances to contributors, its members, the general public and government regulators.
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7 Ways to Spice Up Your Nonprofit’s Board Meetings

You want board members who can contribute to your mission through their efforts, contacts or money. Stated simply, they need to have a passion for your mission. This ensures a level of interest that will help even if board members have different...
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How to Improve Nonprofit Board Governance

When the IRS revised Form 990 to include several questions regarding governance policies and board members’ roles in performing fiduciary activities, board governance became a hot topic.
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How to Use Capital Campaigns In Nonprofit Fundraising

Capital campaigns can be a great opportunity for a nonprofit to raise money for a specific project. However, not every nonprofit capital campaign performs as well as it should.
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How to Engage Your Nonprofit’s Board In Fundraising

Nonprofit fundraising isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Most organizations struggle to bring in fundraising dollars. This can be especially difficult when your nonprofit’s board isn’t on board with fundraising. The board helps your nonprofit thrive. That...
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