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Why Expert Witness Certifications Matter In Litigation

Certifications help signal that someone is knowledgeable and competent in a given subject matter or area. For expert witnesses, a certification can be valuable for emphasizing their competency and eligibility to serve as an expert witness in court. On...
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How Bad Data From Clients Can Impact Valuations

It’s a common saying among data scientists: “garbage in, garbage out.” In other words, bad inputs lead to bad conclusions. It’s no different in business valuation, where an analyst synthesizes many data inputs to arrive at a single estimate of value. Bad...
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How to Handle Increase In Business Value Post-Separation: Perspective for Divorce Attorneys

Divorce cases where one party owns a closely-held business can create complications in the valuation and division of the marital estate. One of the many questions commonly encountered in Virginia divorce cases involving a closely-held business is, How is...
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Hidden Assets In Divorce

The personal and adversarial nature of divorce litigation is a potent combination that can cause emotions to run high, sometimes leading the parties to lash out and punish the other financially. This can take the form of deliberately wasting marital...
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Tracing Commingled Property In Divorce

A challenging aspect of any divorce proceeding is the division of assets — who gets what and how much?
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How to Prevent Fraud at Your Small Business

When a small business has an issue with fraud, it’s usually for one key reason: a lack of internal controls. Internal controls are “checks” a business has in place to deter fraud.
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