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Paul's Place

Getting their Form 990 delivered at the same time as their audited financial statements means one less meeting for the board members of Paul's Place.

About Paul's Place

The Situation

Bill McLennan, executive director of Paul’s Place since 2002, called on Ernie Paszkiewicz for help when the nonprofit’s prior audit firm shut down. Ernie stepped in to provide audit and tax services to Paul’s Place.

In Our Client's Words

"Ernie Paszkiewicz and his team of auditors have been outstanding partners to Paul’s Place. They stay on top of changes in the nonprofit industry and provide above-and-beyond service as our CPA firm. As a bonus, the Gross Mendelsohn team has volunteered at Paul’s Place to help us accomplish our mission of improving the quality of life of Southwest Baltimore residents.

Ernie is truly a ‘people’s person.’ He is a top-notch accountant who understands the businesses he works with. He takes a common sense approach to accounting, which is so important for nonprofits. Nonprofits like Paul’s Place don’t have accounting departments, or at best, they have bare bones accounting departments. Ernie and his team of auditors at Gross Mendelsohn understand that. They’re not just doing accounting for the sake of accounting.

Gross Mendelsohn’s ability to present our Form 990 at the same they present the audited financial statements is unheard of. I appreciate that level of commitment. Getting our 990 and financial statements at the same time means one less meeting for our volunteer board members.

Gross Mendelsohn’s nonprofit industry expertise and strong customer relations are what keep me happy as a client year after year."

— William McLennan, Executive Director

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