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Lewis Direct

Attention to detail and always having the company's best interests in mind are the traits Lewis Direct's owners like best about Gross Mendelsohn.

About Lewis Direct

The Situation

Lewis Direct relies on Gross Mendelsohn for reviewed financial statements and tax return preparation. Gross Mendelsohn’s Technology Solutions Group provides network and server maintenance and break/fix services to Lewis Direct, and installed a data backup solution for the company to minimize the threat of data loss.

In Our Client's Words

“Jim Kern of Gross Mendelsohn is always very proactive in providing accounting and tax services. He has our company’s best interests in mind – always. Through his attention to detail, Jim discovered that an equipment leasing company billed us for property taxes in error, and we were able to recover those funds. We are huge fans of Jim.

In addition, the firm’s Technology Solutions Group helps keep our business humming with effective network and service maintenance. They recently put our minds at ease after installing a data backup system for our company. They also prolonged the life of our existing server by adding a fast and cost effective network-attached storage device. Put simply, the people at Gross Mendelsohn offer excellent advice and we highly recommend them to other business owners.”

— Marilyn Dickman, President & CEO
— Jim Dickman, Executive Vice President

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