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9 Myths About How Much Your Business Is Worth

Start with this complimentary whitepaper from the business valuation experts from Gross Mendelsohn

Myths Business WorthMaybe you have an opinion about what your business is worth. There’s a good chance that value is wrong, especially if it’s based on a look back at the company’s success, a rule of thumb, or a pure guess.

This complimentary whitepaper reveals nine myths about what your business is worth. Inside you’ll find:

  • Nine misperceptions about business valuation
  • Why there is never “one right way” to value a business
  • Specific reasons why you might need a business valuation
  • Real life examples of how valuators can come up with different values for the same business
  • How goodwill impacts your company’s value
  • Why your company’s future performance is more important than its past performance


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