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Women's initiative

Through a program called RISE, our staff members enjoy an abundance of career support

Our women’s initiative is nicknamed RISE because we believe in providing our staff with
resources that inspire success and empowerment.


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What is the RISE program?

We know that our firm — and our clients — succeeds because of our people. That's why we invest so much in our staff. RISE promotes the success and development of staff members through innovative leadership training, increased access to female role models, and more opportunities to network with local business leaders.


Who can participate?

Participation is voluntary for Gross Mendelsohn's professional staff members. Some RISE programs are more suitable for less experienced staff, while others are geared toward managers and seasoned employees.

“The RISE program is just one example of the firm’s commitment to its people. I feel supported in achieving my career goals and have opportunities that will allow me to advance within the firm.”

Lisa Johnson, CPA


Who benefits from RISE?

While RISE was initially developed to address challenges like work life balance and workplace flexibility, which have traditionally affected more women and men, many of our male staff members participate in and benefit from RISE programs. 

In fact, a formal sponsorship program for both men and women developed out of RISE. The firm's sponsorship program provides a structured career path toward partnership for managers and principals who want to be a partner at the firm. This program helps our people develop and finetune the skills and attributes needed to be a partner.

Raising the glass ceiling through golf

When RISE offered golf lessons to female staff members, six women took the firm up on the offer. Six lessons later, they felt more prepared (and much less intimidated) to interact with clients on the golf course.

The benefit of the lessons extended beyond business development. One of our golfers said, “My favorite part of the lessons was seeing everyone’s progression each week. We also had a great group of women who all supported each other."

“The RISE program helps build a stronger and more inclusive firm -- one that attracts and retains both female and male leaders.”

Richard Wolf, CPA

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