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What Your Nonprofit's Financial Statements Reveal

About This Webinar

The numbers on your nonprofit’s financial statements tell a colorful story ― if you know what to look for.

Your financial statements reveal your organization’s strengths, areas for improvement, potential red flags for donors and so much more. They are a critical tool for budgeting, cash management, fundraising and long-term strategic planning.

This webinar gives nonprofit leaders and board members a 360-degree view of their financial statements and what they mean to various stakeholders. We cover the main components of financial statements, basic terminology and tools for decision-making.

What You’ll Learn

  • Spot your organization’s financial strengths and areas for improvement

  • Identify trends in sources of income and financial performance

  • Monitor changes in net assets to assess your organization’s financial health

  • Use financial statements for benchmarking, financial metrics and budgeting

  • Understand what donors look at when they review your financial statements

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Hosted By

Lisa Johnson, CPA

Audit Partner

Lisa has performed nonprofit financial statement audits for 20+ years. Her experience presenting audit findings to nonprofit board members and serving in board leadership roles herself gives her insight into what financial statements mean to different stakeholders.

Kevin Connelly, CPA

Audit Manager
Kevin Connelly, CPA, provides audit, accounting and consulting services to nonprofits and businesses. One of Kevin’s favorite things about being a CPA is helping his clients understand financial information so they can make better decisions.

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