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How to Get to Our Baltimore Office

Here's a quick guide on how to get here and where to park.

Our Address

1801 Porter Street, Suite 500, Baltimore, MD 21230
Find us on Google Maps.

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Getting Here

Step One

1. Double Check Your GPS!

Double check that your GPS is sending you to the right place before you leave.

If your GPS doesn't recognize our address or redirects you to another similarly named street (like Portal Street) you can use the address for the Harris Teeter (1801 Whetstone Way, McHenry Row, Baltimore, MD 21230), which is located next door, to get you in the right neighborhood. 

Gross Mendelsohn on Google Maps
Step Two

2. Navigating McHenry Row

When you enter the McHenry Row development, you’ll see multiple office buildings. Our building, the Star Building, is toward the back of the neighborhood right next to the Courtyard by Marriott and the Harris Teeter.

Gross Mendelsohns Office in McHenry Row
Step Three

3. Parking

Parking is free in our building’s garage on Porter Street. You can park in the garage attached to our building on the second floor and use the elevator or stairs to bring you down to the ground floor to enter the building through the lobby.

If you find that the Porter Street garage is full, feel free to head right across the street to the Harris Teeter garage. There are typically plenty of empty spots on the first and second floor.

McHenry Row Garage
Step Four

4. Come On Upstairs!

Once you enter the building's lobby, use the elevator to take you up to the 5th floor. You can check in with our receptionist once you're upstairs. From there, we'll get you set up with whomever you're meeting that day.

Gross Mendelsohn's Lobby
Mike Little of GGM Wealth Advisors presents to Gross Mendelsohn staff members

We Can't Wait to See You!

If you have any questions about your visit, feel free to reach out to your contact at the firm or call our main line at 410.685.5512.

Meeting someone new during your visit? Our team bios can help you put a face to a name even before you've been properly introduced!