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The Three Amigos

This business had a favorable result working with Gross Mendelsohn during their first IRS audit, owing no money and receiving the support they needed to get through what could have been a stressful experience.

The Three Amigos

The Situation

Gross Mendelsohn has provided accounting and tax services to The Three Amigos since 2005. In addition to preparing the company’s tax returns, Len Rus prepares the owners’ returns.

When The Three Amigos received notice of an IRS notice in 2009, they called on Len to represent them in the audit. The business had never been through an audit and wanted guidance as the IRS opened several years’ worth of past tax returns.

In Our Client's Words

“We are a small business. Not every CPA would treat us the way Len Rus treats us. We get great advice and quick responses from Len and his team — and not just at tax time. We get meaningful answers and advice throughout the year.

But the biggest impact Gross Mendelsohn has had on our business came when we were audited by the IRS. Len guided us through the entire process, which lasted two years. He was incredibly supportive and kept a cool head. Thanks to Len’s excellent representation, we got a favorable result and did not owe money to the IRS.

We know clothing trim. Len knows accounting and taxes. He gives us peace of mind and the power to do what we do best.”

— Emily Clark, Business Manager

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