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Limited Goods, LLC

The owner of this online reseller gets peace of mind — and more time to focus on growing his business — from working with Gross Mendelsohn.

About Limited Goods, LLC

The Situation

The founder of Limited Goods, Jeremy Lasson, and his team weren’t exactly interested in tackling financial issues in-house, which is why they turned to David Leipnik, CPA, and Len Rus, CPA, of Gross Mendelsohn to handle the company’s tax and accounting work. Gross Mendelsohn’s team provides Limited Goods with tax return preparation, tax planning, accounting and business consulting services.

Jeremy utilizes Gross Mendelsohn as not only his accounting team but also a trusted advisor for guiding his business. He says Gross Mendelsohn’s responsiveness and dedication to service keeps him coming back year after year.

In Our Client's Words

"We rely on our partnership with Gross Mendelsohn to handle our accounting work, which frees up my team to focus on other things. I’m confident in the work David and Len provide. Knowing we can trust in the quality of their work provides a peace of mind that you just can’t put a price on.

Gross Mendelsohn continuously goes above and beyond for our company. David is dedicated to providing the highest quality of service even when it falls outside of Gross Mendelsohn’s scope of service. Even if it’s totally outside of his field, David still provides attention and ensures whatever issues or questions we have get resolved.”

— Jeremy Lasson, Co-founder & CEO

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