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Law Office of Matthew Bennett

For 25+ years, the attorneys at Fedder and Garten have relied on Gross Mendelsohn’s CPAs and CVAs for business valuations related to estates, grantor retained annuity trusts and business transactions.

About the Law Office of Matthew Bennett

The Situation

When attorney Matthew Bennett was the personal representative of an estate, he called on David Lanchak, one of Gross Mendelsohn’s Certified Valuation Analysts, to value an asset in the estate. There were challenges in getting certain information required for the valuation, and Matthew turned over everything to David to handle. As a result, Matthew had to spend very little time tracking down the needed information, and received the thoroughly-prepared valuation he needed.

In Our Client's Words

“My experience working with David Lanchak was extremely positive. I liked his communication style. He was always pleasant to deal with and sent me updates via email regularly to keep me posted on the status of his work. Most importantly, he did a very thorough job with the valuation at a fair price. I highly recommend David to other attorneys who need a valuation.”

-- Matthew E. Bennett, Esq.

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