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Hunter Concessions

Getting straightforward, thorough and prompt answers to his questions is what makes this business owner happy that he outsourced his accounting function to Gross Mendelsohn.

Hunter Concessions

The Situation

Gross Mendelsohn’s Smart Accounting Support Solutions team manages Hunter Concessions’ bookkeeping and accounting in QuickBooks. The firm also prepares tax returns for Hunter Concessions and provides ongoing tax planning to the business.

In Our Client's Words

“I couldn’t operate without Mark Vogel and his team in Fairfax. They take care of all of my accounting and tax needs and answer every single question I have. They’ve gotten me out of a jam or two over the years.

The people at Gross Mendelsohn are just so nice – and knowledgeable. Every month I give them a folder with my receipts, check register and other paperwork. They put everything into QuickBooks and keep track of all finances for my business. If I ever need an old record, I just call Gross Mendelsohn and they promptly get me what I need.

The people at Gross Mendelsohn are like my family. I talk to all of them when I visit the office. I even take my dog!

Their attention to detail and level of service is superb. These days, it’s hard to get a straight answer from many businesses. It’s not like that with Gross Mendelsohn. Every time, I get a straightforward, thorough and prompt answer to my questions. They don’t miss a thing.”

— Bruce Hunter, Owner

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