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Berman & Killeen, P.A.

Outsourcing the accounting function to Gross Mendelsohn relieved a big headache for this business owner and also simplified his life.

Berman & Killeen, P.A.

The Situation

“How profitable is Towson Addictions Center?” That was the question Dr. Paul Berman brought to Gross Mendelsohn several years ago.

Dr. Berman and Dr. Killeen met with Scott Handwerger at Gross Mendelsohn to talk about the numbers. After several meetings, Scott showed Dr. Berman that the business was indeed significantly profitable.

Keeping the business organized was another pressing matter for Dr. Berman. Gross Mendelsohn was already preparing his corporate and personal tax returns, but Scott suggested that better bookkeeping in the business would help keep things organized and more importantly, help Dr. Berman keep tabs on the business’s profitability and financial performance. Dr. Berman then tapped into Gross Mendelsohn’s Smart Accounting Support Solutions for help with bookkeeping and QuickBooks support.

In Our Client's Words

“Paying bills and worrying about filing quarterly taxes was always stressful for me. Whenever something fell through the cracks, I was always in the position of playing catch up. Quite frankly, handling those burdensome yet important tasks got in the way of me running my business.

When Scott Handwerger suggested I outsource our accounting function to Gross Mendelsohn, I agreed that it was a good idea. Cheryl Outlaw from Gross Mendelsohn now comes to our business every other week to perform bookkeeping duties and pay bills. Cheryl pays our bills, tracks finances, helps with all accounting tasks and provides QuickBooks support.

Cheryl has been a total pleasure. Having Cheryl come in every two weeks to pay bills and manage paperwork has made my life a lot easier. She simplifies everything. She has an uncanny knack for disentangling confusing piles of paper and does so with patience and humor.

I have also really appreciated Cheryl’s initiative and understanding of the businesses. Cheryl helped us streamline our payroll process. I used to do payroll every week for our two businesses, then give the paperwork to Cheryl. Now, Cheryl simply signs into our payroll system and bank accounts and handles it from there. I no longer have to provide any paperwork to Cheryl. This process saves me time and stress.

The team at Gross Mendelsohn has relieved me of a big headache and simplified my life.”

— Dr. Paul Berman, Owner

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