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Beitzell Fence Company

Tax planning strategies help this multi-generation family business continue to grow.

About Beitzell Fence Company

The Beitzell Fence Company is a family-owned business in northern Virginia. Known for high-quality residential, commercial and athletic facility fencing, Beitzell Fence is owned by a husband and wife team with three children actively involved in the business. Beitzell Fence handles all types and sizes of jobs — from huge government facilities to single family homes.


The Situation

Beitzell Fence relies on Gross Mendelsohn for both personal and business tax planning and compliance. The Beitzells have a long history with tax partner Dan Larson and prior to that, a partner who has since retired. Beitzell Fence’s relationship with the firm goes back 30+ years.


In Our Client's Words

“Dan Larson has been wonderful to work with. He knows how I run things, knows our routine and works with our bookkeeper and me really well. He’s super responsive to phone calls and emails.

Most importantly, Dan helps us see where we stand at year end and advises us on what we need to do to plan for the next year. Our multi-generation business continues to grow and Dan gives us tax planning strategies to support that growth.”

— Karen Beitzell, Owner



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